Choose the Right Path with the Right Part


When we take our vehicle to an authorized dealer/workshop, we are certain that we will get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, mostly after the initial few years’ warranty is over, and the cost of getting your vehicle repaired at the dealer starts pinching the wallet, we turn to Independent Workshops. It is at these places that we find out that the cost of parts in the Independent After-Market (IAM) is significantly lower than in OEM parts. Contrary to popular belief, the vehicle we own, is not entirely made by the manufacturer we bought it from. All car makers employ other brands to design and develop parts for their vehicle which they assemble themselves. When we see an OEM part box, we think that the car manufacturer has made that part, since the box has its logo. However, this is mostly not the case. There is a very high probability that the part inside the box was just repacked after purchasing it from another brand. So, more often than not, an OEM part box and an IAM part box will contain the exact same part but the IAM part may cost less than half as much as the OEM. Also, more than one brand might offer the same part in the IAM. According to Edmunds (Montoya, 2009), along with being cheaper most of the times, today’s AM parts equal in quality as their OEM counterparts or sometimes even better. Since the competition in the IAM has increased exponentially in the last decade, companies devote a lot of time and invest a lot of effort and money to continuously better their products and exclude any weakness or flaw in their part. Some brands even claim to make parts which are many fold more robust and sturdy than OEM parts. That being said, there are brands which make parts of inferior quality and a consumer should be wary of. There is also another segment of this industry, which sells refurbished or remanufactured parts, which only come handy if you have an extremely old car for which new parts are not available in the market.

The Edmunds Article also lists the Pros and Cons of both IAM and OEM parts:  




Less Expensive

Easier to choose part as only 1 option available

More Variety/Options to choose from

No worries of getting fake part

Same/Better Quality can be found

Comes with Warranty

Better Availability

Availability might be an issue


Quality varies from brand to brand

More Expensive

Overwhelming Selection

Need to be purchased/fitted at dealership

Some brands may not offer a warranty

Quality may not be superior

Most of us prefer getting our car repaired at the authorized service center/dealership till the warranty expires, since the high price of the parts do affect us. After those three or four years, when independent workshops look like a better alternative, make sure you have the right parts, in terms of the best quality, the perfect fit and the best price. At, all parts we offer come with manufacturer’s standard warranties. The Brands we offer are leading brands in their segment which offer best in class quality. Though we wish your car runs the best it ever has, we also hope that if it does not, you will visit to get the parts your vehicle loves to go out with! #GoGenuine