Denso PlasmaCluster

Denso Centra | 10/11/2017

Most drivers use re-circulated air-conditioned air within the vehicle and as a result, the air becomes stagnant over time causing virus and allergens to develop. Opening of the vehicle windows to freshen the air may not be practical due to weather or traffic conditions and the driver and passengers may fall ill when virus and allergens form in the air within the vehicle..

Let the Denso PlasmCluster alleviate your problem.

Choose the Right Path with the Right Part

Atishay Jain | 26/04/2017

When we take our vehicle to an authorized dealer/workshop, we are certain that we will get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, mostly after the initial few years’ warranty is over, and the cost of getting your vehicle repaired at the dealer starts pinching the wallet, we turn to Independent Workshops.

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